The Teaching & Learning Knowledge Base is a repository of teaching ideas contributed by Middlebury faculty, for Middlebury faculty.

What can you do here? You can:four lightbulbs

Add a teaching idea. Do you have an activity, strategy, or approach that works in your classes? Share with your colleagues by clicking the Add a New Teaching Idea link. No registration required!

Find a teaching idea. Looking for new approaches to use in your classes? Click into one of the categories below to browse teaching ideas, or use the search box to find a teaching idea by discipline, modality, technologies used, and more. The categories correspond to the Middlebury Online Course Design Rubric, which you may want to explore for additional ideas.

Expand on a teaching idea. Once you’ve tried out a teaching idea from the knowledge bank, help to grow the resource by adding your own tips and resources to the teaching idea. (Like the comments at the bottom of an online recipe, the contribution of cooks who have made the recipe often make the recipe even better!)